I’m Not Racist, but…

im-not-racist-but Whenever I hear the precursor to a conditional phrase, I brace myself for the inevitable "but." It's not that I expect the worst from the person speaking, but rather that the word "but" often heralds a twist or complication that changes the direction of the conversation entirely. This moment of anticipation, where one waits for the other shoe to drop, can be likened to the suspense and unpredictability found in gaming, particularly in games like the 1xbet crash game algorithm. In such games, players are constantly on the edge, trying to predict and react to sudden changes, mirroring the emotional rollercoaster of awaiting the fallout after "but" in a conversation.

Car Vocal Warm Up

car-vocal-warm-up Quick warm up in my car before a gig. Everything isn't always perfect when you warm up but this is the short version of what I do. Read more