Alison Crockett — Bare
Release date : Mar. 04, 2007

A new stripped down acoustic sound that will transport you to new places

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On Becoming a Woman…

Alison Crockett — On Becoming A Woman
Release date : Mar. 04, 2003

Alison Crockett is a soul dripping singer/songwriter with classic music that is modern and thoughtful for those who want a chocolate treat.

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US3 : Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place

US3 — Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place
Label : Universal

Shorter samples, stronger tunes, a label change and a more concentrated emphasis on songwriting all characterize the newest band project. Includes vocals by Alison Crockett (of King Britt) with a socio-political theme running throughout all songs.

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King Britt : When The Funk Hits The Fan

King Britt — When The Funk Hits the Fan
Release date : Mar. 04, 1998
Label : Sony

On this first volume of a proposed "autobiography" of his listening career, producer King Britt updates the sound of the black radio of 1970s Philly with 1990s rap and production tricks. He makes sonic references to the smooth flow of Gamble and Huff as well as to the drawled proto-rap poetry of the Last Poets, and Britt honors mellow diva disco with a gorgeous, faithful-in-its-fashion cover of "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life." The loops he pulls out of his crates are from a time when black and white pop nourished each other; the album has the deceptively utopian glow of nostalgia, but it radiates with soul and warmth, too. --Douglas Wolk

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